Stacy Uzunoff – Owner

I have been in the beauty industry since 1992. I’ve been a salon/spa owner since 2007. I’m very passionate about this ever changing industry and all of the wonderful things it encompasses. I am always interested in staying current with the latest techniques and trends and attend many shows and classes, as well as, continually receiving updates from salon industry internet sites. I have become a well rounded stylist because of the drive, passion and desire I have for this business.
While working as a stylist, before I opened Evolve Salon and Spa, I earned my bachelors degree in Education. While holding positions in both fields, I quickly became aware that my heart lies in the beauty industry. I have built strong relationships with people that I truly love and respect; my clients! How many people can say that they truly love their job? I Can! The thought of not having the connection with my clients was unbearable, thus my reason for staying, and growing in this industry.
Communication is key in every business, but I believe that is particularly true, here, with my clients. As a stylist I feel that is important to understand what makes my clients, happy and feel beautiful. Sometimes you may want/need a big change, and sometimes a small change can make all the difference in the world. My experience and training in all areas of the beauty industry (color, cutting, re-texturing (perms), and hair and eyelash extensions) gives me the confidence to know that I can help you meet your beauty goals. I try extremely hard to accommodate the needs of my own clients, as well as others clients that patronage the salon and spa, to enforce that they are appreciated.


Rose Izyk – Stylist/Color Technicianrose1212-215x280

Hey… Rose here… offering you 23 plus years of dedication of:

  • Continuous education (color cocktails… my favorite!)
  • Long hours (cause when you need me, I’m here!)
  • Good conversation and the want to listen
  • The ability to bring what is in to YOU!
  • AWARENESS… in the constant reminder on our fight against Breast Cancer!

Favorite Thing About My Career:

  • Dressing and acting like everyday is a Party… not only because I can… but because it makes everyone feel like they want to!

Everyday is a Gift… That’s why it’s called the Present!
Best Words of Advice:

  • When picking a  new style, find one with hair similar to yours and trust your stylist… when you tell them “I want this cut, but 4 inches longer…” Then it isn’t that cut … and without your recommended Professional Product… it remains just a cut and not your style.

Alyssa Aversa – Stylist/Color TechnicianAlyssaEdges2

I’ve been a hair stylist since 2005. I am trained to provide a variety of services including: hair cuts, color, hilites, lowlites, hair extensions, Keratin smoothing treatments and facial waxing. I am confident working with all hair types.
I love working with color, especially foil hilites and lowlites. Color allows me to be creative – I love seeing what is discussed during consultation come to life.
I enjoy learning new techniques and trends. To keep up with both the industry and my education, I attend hair shows and classes, including the International Beauty Show in New York City. I am very passionate about what I do and will do everything in my power to accommodate my clientele.


Jessica Ashby – Stylist/Color Technicianjessica

I’ve been a hair stylist since 2001. I provide chemical services such as: color, hilites and perms. I’m also available for non-chemical services like: hair cuts, formal updos/styles, hair extensions, Keratin smoothing treatments and facial waxing. I’m very well trained in color corrective services (tint backs, toners, correcting at home applications) and consider it my specialty. I love the challenge of the fix almost as much as the smiling, relieved client.
I attend hair shows and classes in order to continue my education and to keep current with industry updates and trends.
I will always go the extra mile for my clientele.



Katie Comisso – katiecommisso-215x280Stylist/Makeup Artist

I have been a hair stylist since 2007, I have worked with some of the best in the industry and have continued my education throughout my career. I have attended multiple hair shows and classes to expand my knowledge of new trend setting hair styles, color applications, color corrections, keratin smoothing treatments, facial waxing, and spray tanning. I am also a trained makeup artist and have a wealth of knowledge in that field as well. In the last five years including 2 years of cosmetology school, I have dedicated my life to becoming the best hair stylist and makeup artist that I can be.
During your visit with me you can plan on being treated as I would treat a family member, we will conduct a full consultation and decide together what will look and work best for you.