Rose Izyk

Hey… Rose here… offering you 23 plus years of dedication of:

  • Continuous education (color cocktails… my favorite!)
  • Long hours (cause when you need me, I’m here!)
  • Good conversation and the want to listen
  • The ability to bring what is in to YOU!
  • AWARENESS… in the constant reminder on our fight against Breast Cancer!

Favorite Thing About My Career:

    • Dressing and acting like everyday is a Party… not only because I can… but because it makes everyone feel like they want to!
    • Everyday is a Gift… That’s why it’s called the Present!

Best Words of Advice:

      • When picking a new style, find one with hair similar to yours and trust your stylist… when you tell them “I want this cut, but 4 inches longer…” Then it isn’t that cut … and without your recommended Professional Product… it remains just a cut and not your style.