Eyelash Extensions are fine, synthetic mink lashes applied to the natural eyelashes. Tweezers are
used to isolate a natural eyelash and the extension is applied using eyelash extension glue. The glue dries within seconds but takes 24 hours to fully cure. Eyelash Extensions can be applied using different techniques to yield different styles. The length and fullness of each set of lash extensions depends on the health and length of the client’s natural eyelashes. Each set of lash extensions is completely customized to the client.

There are three styles of Eyelash Extensions.

Stacked Lashes: Most natural looking extensions. Lash extensions are applied to the base of the natural lash with the use of a few fine lashes that will slightly flare out at the tips. Great for clients with thin, short natural eyelashes or clients that have more sensitive eyes, and clients that desire a more natural appearance.
Full Set $150 Fill $60

Hybrid Lashes: Fuller, fluffier, more textured extensions. Lash extensions are applied to the natural lashes using the stacked and volume technique. This yields a whispy appearance and makes the set fuller than Stacked Lashes, but not as full and dramatic as Volume Lashes. Great for clients with stronger natural lashes and clients that desire a more dramatic appearance.
Full Set $170 Fill $70

Volume Lashes: Most dramatic, fullest extensions. The volume technique is achieved by utilizing multiple lash extensions to form handmade fans. Each fan is applied to the natural lash. This yields a very full set. Great for clients with strong, healthy natural lashes that desire a very bold appearance.
Full Set $190 Fill $80

Fills are highly recommended every two weeks. Natural eyelashes shed daily at a rate of two to five eyelashes per eye, per day. Lash extensions shed with the natural lash it is adhered to. Due to shedding and growth, fills are essential to maintain the fullness of the set of extensions and the health of the natural lashes. At each fill, any sparse areas will be filled and any overgrown lashes will be replaced. Fill prices reflect a two-week fill. Longer times between lash fills will be charged more, as it requires more time and work than a two-week fill. Any fills requiring more than half of a full set will be considered a full set and will be charged accordingly. Any fills done at four weeks will be considered a full set and charged accordingly. Following aftercare instructions is essential to assist in the retention of the lash extensions and the health of the natural eyelashes.

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